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Antibiotic Reduction and improved performance through hygiene management

Developed by Wageningen University & Research and MS Schippers Since you can’t come to us, we come directly to you through new ways of digital learning.

Pigs need to be sold at an optimum weight and with the best quality by using as little money as possible. With the hygiene management system ‘HyCare’ developed by MS Schippers we guarantee exactly that. By focussing on the prevention of disease through hygiene management, we reduce the risk for disease and therefore the use of antibiotics.

We developed a personal tailored, digital program in which you’ll gain a lot of knowledge on hygiene management. We’ll be using high-end digital seminars, live Q&A sessions ín our stables, and we'll show you exactly what we are doing here, without the need to travel. You’ll be able to actively apply this knowledge to your own situation through various business case sessions. At the end of this course, you’ll have a solid action plan to improve your own business.

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To make sure our masterclass is specifically tailored to your situation, we go through a four-step intake program. This way we know all the ins and outs on your farm, we can zoom in on your challenges and we can quickly pass the subjects already in perfect order.

Step 1: We send one of your caretakers, with a video camera and a live connection with our specialists, through your farm. He shows us around and we ask him questions during this tour.

Step 2: We send you an intake form with the last remaining questions to get a full understanding of your situation

Step 3: Our team of different specialists analyse all the material you gave us. This is the input we need to customize our Masterclass

Step 4: Together with Wageningen University, we change the Masterclass according to your needs. From there we can schedule all the courses in your calendar and we can get started!

Our experts

Arjan Wermink

Hygiene specialist

Hygiene specialist pig farming at MS Schippers


Annemarie Rebel

WUR Expert

Head of the Animal Health and Welfare Department.

Annemieke Rebel

Marvin Hölscher

HyCare Coach

HyCare Coach pig farming at MS Schippers


Ing. Robert Hoste

WUR Expert

Senior economist of pig production at Wageningen Economic Research.

Robert Hoste


University & Research Wageningen University & Research (also known as Wageningen UR) is a public university in Wageningen, The Netherlands. It is located in a region of the Netherlands known as ‘Food Valley’ due to the large number of food multinationals based there.

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Dairy farms

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Pig farms

Pig farms

Discover the advantages of HyCare for pig farms

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