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Let's beat AMR with HyCare

Viral diseases such as ASF (African Swine Fever) and AI (Avian influenza) are big threats to our industry. With proper biosecurity, we can make sure that such diseases have no chance to enter our company. With HyCare you optimize the biosecurity at your farm and be ready for the future of livestock farming. 

To show you what HyCare is. We provide a free online tour at our HyCare Experience Centers. Where we show you how we could battle viral diseases with hygiene. We aim to provide you with the best hygiene solutions in livestock farming through a digital journey at our farms.

Due to the global pandemic, our story about hygiene has become more relevant than ever. We believe that with proper hygiene management, you can minimize the use of antibiotics and medicine use. We prove this time and again on our HyCare farms. Now is your chance to take a closer look at these farms to find out why HyCare works.

“Already over 9000 people visited our HyCare experience tours, you must experience this for yourself.”

Our HyCare specialists are ready to give you a personalized HyCare experience in one of our HyCare farms (pigs, broilers, and dairy). You can now visit our Dutch locations fully Covid-19 proof, from your home office. All that’s left to do is fill out the form below. 

“Looking for partners in hygiene solutions”

What can you expect with this tour?

During these virtual HyCare experience tours, our specialists will tell you why we do what we can do against viral diseases (ASF and AI). But in addition, they can also show you the practical application in our stables. They will show you the 5 pillars of HyCare and the corresponding programs. As this is a live 1 on 1 session, you will have all the time to ask our experts questions so that you can start the fight against viral diseases such as ASF or AI immediately after the tour.

If you are interested in starting with HyCare but you’re not ready to book this free tour yet. Just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Let's beat AMR with HyCare

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