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Frequently asked questions

Why hygiene and care?

Animal health has a direct impact on its performance. With our HyCare method, we focus on hygiene and care and ensure that antibiotic use is no longer a need. Because the animals live healthier lives and can hardly be infected with germs, they can put all their energy into production and/or growth.

Is HyCare expensive?

To get started with the HyCare method, several investments are needed to properly apply our method on your farm. The method itself works according to a subscription form where you pay a fixed monthly amount (depending on the number of animals / number of animals per m2 on your farm). This subscription can be cancelled monthly. The subscription includes all the resources needed to run the programs properly. The investments made are earned back in the long run.

Is HyCare the right fit for my company?

The HyCare method is applicable to any business. Because we create a farm-specific plan with you and our specialist and each program is precisely matched. We do not change anything about your barn or animals but address the integral problems by improving current processes and working with structured hygiene management.

Is HyCare going to cost me a lot of time?

No, HyCare will save you time in the long run. Many pillars are automated so you as a livestock farmer don’t have to do much. Other pillars such as germ-free living environment require more time, but because of the structured way it works pleasantly and will save you time.

How does HyCare benefit me?

HyCare provides you with healthier livestock, structured working methods and job satisfaction. The animals have less need to defend themselves against germs, so they can use their energy for higher production/growth. This also saves labor because the animals are less likely to get sick, which will also be reflected in the financial returns.

Is every program the same?

Every farm is different and every livestock farmer has their own way of doing things. Therefore, you and the HyCare specialist draw up a farm-specific plan together. Thus, the HyCare pillars remain the same but each program is customized to the wants, needs and requirements of your farm.

Do I have to apply all pillars?

No, all our programs and concepts can also be purchased individually. However, the HyCare programs together provide the best hygiene management and results. If you use all programs together you work according to the HyCare method.

Does HyCare have a lot of protocols?

Yes, because our method has clear and strict protocols it ensures a structured way of working. All the protocols help you raise the standard of hygiene on your farm but also ensure job satisfaction. At the beginning these protocols will take some getting used to but once used to them it will save you time.

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