Pest-free stables

Pest-free stables

Stables are perfect living environments for pests. Here, they find warmth, food and shelter, in other words: everything a population needs to survive and multiply. Pest control is the most common term when it comes to creating pest-free stables. However, pest control is an action that needs to be done when the problem is already present. As a poultry farmer it is therefore better to focus on pest prevention so pests stay outside your stables.


The presence of rodents such as mice and rats causes damage for livestock farmers, both inside and around the company. Chewing damage in insulation materials and cables may lead to financial damage, technical malfunctions, short-circuiting and even fire. Furthermore, pests spread numerous harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. They seek shelter in hard-to-reach places and easily spread throughout the company. In addition, they come into contact with manure, eat from the animal feed and contaminate this feed with their droppings.


Besides rodents, flies are other unwanted stable occupants. They carry and spread pathogens that are harmful to both animals and humans, such as salmonella and campylobacter. Flies procreate incredibly fast and spread easily throughout the company, circulating between manure, feed and animals.


As chicken hardly have any ability to repel flies from their bodies, the continuous presence of these pests causes them stress. This reduces animal welfare and negatively influences technical results. Animal handlers also benefit from working in an environment without rodents and flies. Furthermore, adequate pest control within the company prevents problems in neighbouring residential areas.

From pest control to pest prevention

Combating pests is a requirement for maintaining the highest level of biosecurity. Although multiple methods exist for combating pests, root cause elimination is the most effective way of creating a pest-free environment. This changes the narrative from pest control to pest prevention. The benefit of preventing rather than controlling, is that it requires less time and effort to attain the desired results.

Programs for pest-free stables