Reducing antimicrobial use in european livestock production

Let's beat AMR with HyCare



We would like to invite you to our conference where leading scientists and
practitioners talk about one of the most pressing, but underexposed topics in
livestock farming; antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
In half a day we will bring you up to speed about the current state of events, best
practices in the field and what’s coming in the future.
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Date: January 10th 2022
Time: 08.30-12.00 h (CET, GMT+1)
Location: Online (link will be shared with participants)

08.30-08.40 h Welcome & introduction
Han Swinkels (Chairman)
08.40-09.15 h Antimicrobial resistance: the importance of reducing
antimicrobial use in farm animals

Ramanan Laxminarayan (Center for Disease Dynamics,
Economics & Policy)
09.15-09.50 h Stakeholder collaboration: the key to reducing AMU in
farm animals

Jan Vaarten (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe)
09.50-10.00 h Break
10.00-10.30 h Four strategies to reduce the use of antimicrobials on farms:
The Healthy Livestock approach
Bas Kemp (Wageningen University)
10.30-11.10 h Pitches from practice:

10.30-10.40 h Preventing infections by optimizing
biosecurity measures at pig farms

Joost van den Borne (The Schippers Group)
10.40-10.50 h Smart housing for healthy chickens to
enhance resilience

Anne van den Oever (Vencomatic)
10.50-11.00 h Early detection of respiratory health status
of pigs

Erik Vranken (SoundTalks)
11.00-11.10 h ‘ ‘As little as possible and as much as
necessary’: approaches to precise
medication in cattle

Lisa Morgans (Innovation for Agriculture)
11.10-11.50 h Discussion:
Challenges ahead for reducing AMU and AMR in Europe
Han Swinkels (Chairman)
11.50-12.00 h Next steps & closure


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