Pore-free surfaces program

We don’t provide hygiene products
We provide pore-free surfaces

With the pore-free surfaces program you don’t just get hygiene products to create and maintain a pore-free feedalley. This program consists of application, coaching, service, monitoring and products. We provide you with the right tools and guide you to create a feedalley that keeps the feed fresh. Together with basic hygiene measures and protocols this program will make sure the feedalley is ready to serve fresh ration every day.

This program consists of:

With HyCare we work to achieve the highest level of hygiene in the livestock industry, which is why we only work with high-quality products. We also demand this quality from our cooperation partners. In addition to the levelling coating of MS Schippers, we use the products and services of the market leader in hygienic coating systems: Mesa HyCo. This company specialises in the application and servicing of coating surfaces in animal farming.
Paul Vissers
“We have been running all of HyCare’s programs for over a year now. We are seeing a huge increase in milk production and animal health. “
Paul Vissers

Operational manager


Dairy Cows



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It’s a proven method

The pore-free surfaces program has proven itself many times on various farms in the livestock industry. Also outside the livestock industry coating is often seen as the best solution. Besides that coating has been tested in practice, its effectiveness and functioning has also been proven in the lab. Coating ensures that germs have no place to settle and also provides a more efficient and simpler cleaning process.
HyCare Folder
  • Less than 10 germs/liter
  • 10 % better growth
  • Less death

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