A hygiene management method

What is HyCare?

A Russian pig farmer, a Chinese broiler farmer or a Brazilian dairy farmer, despite their differences, they share the same ultimate objective: a healthy company in which disease is reduced to an absolute minimum.

To help livestock farmers across the globe achieve this, we developed HyCare: the hygiene management method that leads to the highest level of biosecurity. Livestock farmers who choose to adopt HyCare, maximise the hygiene within their company and with it, the health of their animals. They boost their immune systems, prevent the introduction of pathogens, minimise cross-contamination and virtually eradicate disease in their companies. This leads to healthier animals, increased returns and more job satisfaction.

It’s a proven concept: HyCare really works. Livestock farmers increase their grip on daily operations and improve their results. This is why we set an ambitious objective: with HyCare, we’ll get rid of antibiotics together.

Which animals do you farm?

Broiler farms

Broiler farms

Discover the advantages of HyCare for broiler farms

Dairy farms

Dairy farms

Discover the advantages of HyCare for dairy farms

Pig farms

Pig farms

Discover the advantages of HyCare for pig farms

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Why HyCare?

Without infection, there’s no disease

Antimicrobial resistance is a significant international healthcare problem. Researchers have already warned that in 2050, it will be the leading cause of death across the globe. To prevent this from happening, the use of antibiotics must be reduced significantly. That also applies to the livestock industry.

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