Pest control program

We don’t provide hygiene products
We provide pest-free stables​

With the pest control program you don’t just get hygiene products to get rid of all pests present at your company. This program consists of application, coaching, service, monitoring and products. We provide you with the right tools and guide you to prevent pests from entering the company. Together with basic hygiene measures and protocols this program will make sure (re)contamination can’t take place by pests from both inside as outside.

This program consists of:

With the pest control program we ensure that pest control is done as good and effectively as possible. APC is a professional pest control company dedicated to the professional farmer. They only work with the very best products and qualified specialists. With this partner you will benefit from a great deal of expertise due to more than 24 years of experience in various pest control methods at agricultural companies. Together with you, they will create a customised pest prevention plan, after which they will execute it professionally.