Optimal care

Optimal care for poultry is necessary to support them when they need it the most. Adding the right products helps them to perform optimally. During the complete cycle, there are various moments on which chickens can be supported directly and efficiently.


Optimal support is achieved by adding acids and nutrients to the drinking water. Organic acid blends lower pH levels and protein digestion. On specific moments, this can be expanded with organic acids that specifically support the intestines. In addition to acids, specific nutrients can also be added to the water. Administering these substances through the drinking water, guarantees that they enter the body, where they improve the immune system and bone quality.

Administering acids

Administering acids and nutrients to animals can be done in different ways, for instance by adding them to their feed. However, this way of administering acids has proven to be inefficient. As an unhealthy broiler eats less, it also has a lower intake of active components. Consequently, administering acids through the drinking water is the most effective way, as broiler farmers can act quickly with drinking water and dosing these products is both flexible and convenient. This supports the animals when they need it the most.

A animal-specific plan

We don’t believe in products that fit all situations. There are many solutions to create optimal care for your poultry. That’s why we prefer designing and implementing a complete plan depending on personal situations. Together we choose the best way to support your animals during every step of the cycle.
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