Clean drinking water for pigs

Clean drinking water

The importance of clean drinking water is often underestimated, even though it is the most crucial nutrient for animals. Water is necessary for vital functions such as digestion, growth, body temperature and the transport of nutrients and pollutants in and out of the body.

Drinking water quality

Sufficient, clean, healthy and reliable drinking water, that’s what a proper water supply must provide. Once this drinking water enters your farm, it is important that all pigs have permanent access to it. In addition, the water must be clean, which means: clear, colourless and odourless. It also must not contain excess or harmful substances and must be free of bacteria and other malicious microorganisms. Finally, it is important to regularly check these values, to ensure that your water is and remains reliable.

Clean source

Clean drinking water starts at a clean water source. Mains water, spring water or rainwater/surface water are common water sources. The best waterplan is determined by the current or most suitable water source. Availability, volume, location and cost determine which water source is most suitable for your situation.  

Water pipelines

If the water source is good, clean drinking water enters the stables. Now it is important that the drinking water reaches the pigs cleanly. Biofilm is a common problem and pollutes the water. Bacteria are protected by the biofilm and can toxicate the water. This biofilm could be reduced by creating a smart pipeline system in which dead ends, sharp bends, and fittings are left out.

Continuously clean drinking water

Unfortunately even with a good pipeline system the formation of biofilm could not be counteracted completely. To eliminate all biofilm you still need to clean your water pipes. This cleaning process needs to be done at least once per round. You could also choose to clean the pipes continuously. By continuously cleaning the drinking water pipelines you make sure the water is always clean!
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