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The transition to HyCare

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Multiple steps are involved in the switch to another method. Follow all the milestones of Johan Brouwers with his transition from traditional dairy farm to fully HyCare.

16. Check, double check

As HyCare Coach, Elwin helps the livestock farmer to continuously optimize the processes on the farm. ” During the monthly visit, I check whether the HyCare method is being applied correctly by means of measurements. I will talk to Johan about the past month, we will discuss the results together and look at the action points for the next month “

15. Coaching

With HyCare we not only supply products, but also provide the right application, coaching, service and monitoring. Every month, HyCare coach Elwin Bos visits Hoogland to discuss and check all the pillars. He is the contactperson for Johan and ensures that the HyCare method is successfully implemented on the farm.

14. The water pipe

The water may look clean but nothing is what it seems. Together with Johan, we used a camera to look at the condition of his pipes, in order to draw up a plan to tackle the problem. Results will follow soon! Want to know more about the clean drinking water program? Click here.

13. Don't forget water

Water is the most important nutrient for animals. Yet this topic is often skipped or forgotten. At Hoogland we started by checking the water quality. The water source was good, however the pipes were very dirty. This affects the quality of the water and the water intake of the cows. It was agreed to flush the pipes daily to maintain the quality of the water.

12. Transition period

The optima boxes at Hoogland are used for both dairy and dry cows. After three weeks, the uptake percentage is 80 percent, results will follow quickly.

11. Optimal care

The MS Optima boxes have been installed and in use at Hoogland. It is a stand-alone system which administers MS Keto Plus by electronic identification, providing the cows with extra support during their transition period. Want to know more about the optimal transition program? Click here.
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10. Fresh feed

Feed that stays fresh longer can also contribute to better feed intake.

9. Positively surprised

The coating positively surprised Johan. Besides the fact that the food stays fresher, it is also easy to clean and to keep it clean.

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8. A big improvement

Previously, at Hoogland, the feed warmed up quickly and accumulations of the food developed in the corners. Thanks to the coating, the feed is still fresh and spread out in the morning.

7. Let it shine

Everything is shining at Hoogland! The coarse dirt has been removed, the equipment has been foamed & cleaned and lastly everything has been disinfected.

6. Cleaning and disinfection

Together we strive for the highest level of hygiene. Cleaning and disinfection is an important part of this. The equipment used at Hoogland is always thoroughly cleaned.

5. Eating of the floor

The coating keeps the feed fresher and makes it easier to clean the surface.
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4. Pore-free

The beginning of a pore-free surface is made! A special coating is applied that prevents germs and bacteria from nesting.

3. Piece of cake!

Berta demonstrates how easy the hoofcare program works. The treatment program is nurtering, simple and effective.

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2. Optimal hoofcare

Strong legs and healthy claws are the basis for a cow to function properly. The AutoHoofClean mat is installed! Now the claws of the cows can be cared for without much effort and aggressive claw bath. Want to know more? Click here.

1. Perfectly arranged

Good hygiene measures prevent the spread of germs and minimize health risks.

As you can see, al the equipment at Hoogland is clean and arranged perfectly. Everything has its own place. This is one of many steps to avoid cross-contamination!

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Why HyCare?

The choice to switch to another method is not made overnight. Conversations are held, possibilities are being looked at and decisions are made.

Johan Brouwers explains why he chose HyCare.

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