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Pig farm Maenhout

The transition to HyCare

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Follow breeding company Maenhout from Lichtervelde, Belgium with their transition to HyCare. Owners, Lieven and Koen Maenhout share their experiences during this process.

3. The right color

The central corridor is beautifully coated in green. Besides its nice appearance, it also has an effective function. Through a color system, one can minimize the spread and cross-contamination between departments.

2. The beginning is made

The start of the coating has been made by our partner Mesa Coatings. Coating the barn prevents bacteria from nesting into the surface and facilitates the cleaning and disinfection process. More information? Click here

1. Getting more out of the company

The family owned business is specialized in breeding and raising breeding sows. The entire process is carried out and controlled by the company itself. With HyCare, Lieven and Koen want to take the company to an even higher level, with an eye to the future.
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Why HyCare?

Hygiene was already a high priority at Maenhout. With HyCare, the breeding company wants to raise the level even higher and achieve better results. Lieven and Koen Maenhout explain what they want to achieve in the future with HyCare.

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