HyCare company in top best-performing farms

Large-scale data analysis proves HyCare’s success

June 16, 2020, Bladel, The Netherlands - The fact that a HyCare company performs better became apparent after the annual award ceremony of feed manufacturer ForFarmers. The winner of the so-called ‘ForFarmers Agroscoopbokaal’ in the pig sector is a HyCare company. “Not a coincidence,” said HyCare CEO Mart Smolders.

ForFarmers awards the prize to companies with the best technical performance and healthy growth. A historical limit - a thousand grams of growth per animal per day - was even exceeded. Mart Smolders, CEO at HyCare: “This is an extraordinary outcome for HyCare. ForFarmers has a huge database of companies. HyCare proves to be an important part of the puzzle in achieving the best result.”

There are approximately 3,700 pig farms in the Netherlands, 45 of which work with the HyCare method. Smolders: “It is precisely a HyCare company that emerges from the analysis as the cream of the crop. That can not be a coincidence.” Pigs can grow healthy and better on HyCare farms. The animals have less trouble fighting off diseases and can, therefore, put their full energy into growth. HyCare companies thus use a higher percentage of their growth potential.

Pig farm Vehof in Ambt Delden (The Netherlands) won the ForFarmers Agroscoopbokaal 2020 in the pig sector. With its pigs, Vehof achieved the most corrected growth (in the weight range 25-117 kg) per animal per day in the past year: an average of 979 grams and in the last quarter even more than a thousand grams of growth per animal per day. Marc Kikkert of ForFarmers: “Hygiene plays a major role.” Also, Vehof made conscious choices for genetics, starts with healthy piglets, and applies the right feed. ForFarmers speak of “healthy growth” due to the excellent result in combination with little medication and a consistently low loss.

Pig farm Vehof has two barns with a total of 1,700 meat pig places. The barn with 1,300 fattening pigs works according to the HyCare principle, and the other barn with 400 places works by all-in-all-out. Kikkert: “Due to good hygiene, the HyCare stable mimics the all-in-all-out principle. The stable is doing at least as well, and the feed conversion is even better.”

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