Partnership between Frievar and MS Schippers

results in first HyCare subscription at pig farm

Dutch companies Frievar and MS Schippers both distinguish themselves in improving the health of pigs. With this joint vision, they help pig farmers to improve their results. In a new phase of their collaboration, they recently developed the HyCare subscription, a concept that proves to be interesting for pig farmers and consumers alike.

Frievar’s Chain Director Steven Dekker shares: “At the Frievar franchise organisation, we believe in the importance of transparently farming healthy animals. The HyCare method proved perfect for achieving this. Healthy animals are happy animals. This makes our job more fun and, more importantly, helps us to produce the best meat for our partners and customers.”


Pig farmers who participate in the Frievar franchise organisation maintain high standards across the board. One of these participating pig farms is Echtenerpolderhoeve, located in the Dutch province of Friesland. They recently opted to use the HyCare subscription, about which Company Director Wim van Sambeek says: “hygiene and animal health have always been daily priorities at our farm. The wonderful thing about HyCare is that it offers us an excellently workable way of structurally raising this bar even further.”


MS Schippers is also pleased that Frievar embraces HyCare. Business Development Manager Marc Intven says: “HyCare is a success, the method has already proven that it significantly reduces salmonella and antibiotics usage. That’s good news for everyone! Just like MS Schippers, Frievar acknowledges that animal health is essential for pig farms: for humans and animals, but also to sustainably deliver quality products in the food production chain. We will support Frievar with a team of experts, to ensure a smooth implementation of HyCare into their daily operations.”

About Frievar
Frievar is a franchise organisation for pig farms who collaborate to product honest, quality meat. Participating pig farmers achieve this by rearing their pigs in a controlled environment and a conscious and sustainable way, with care for animals and the environment.



Steven Dekker, Chain Director:

About MS Schippers and HyCare  

MS Schippers is an international full-range supplier for livestock farmers. The company developed the HyCare hygiene management method, which can be implemented in both new and existing stables. Built around five key pillars, this method decreases the infection pressure at livestock farms, resulting in improved animal health, more work pleasure and increased financial returns.



Marc Intven, Business Development Manager:

Hygiene specialist

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