Why HyCare?

Antimicrobial resistance is a significant international healthcare problem. Researchers already warned that in 2050, it will be the leading cause of death across the globe. To prevent this from happening, the use of antibiotics must be reduced significantly. That also applies to the livestock industry.

Measures implemented in many countries to reduce the use of antibiotics seemed to deliver results. However, after this first successful period it appears that a further reduction is not being attained and the required objectives are not achieved. This means that additional measures are required to reach these goals.

The health pyramid shows that proper hygiene (Hy) and animal care (Care) enables a significant reduction in the use of vaccinations and antibiotics. By preventing infections from entering and spreading within your farm, you help you animals to stay healthy and strong without antibiotics.

Different solutions for the most frequently occurring hygiene and care problems in livestock farms were integrated into a single method: HyCare. By ensuring clean stables, HyCare improves the health of livestock, which reduces the need for using antibiotics.

Hygiene management in the food production chain

Proper hygiene is a requirement for safeguarding and improving food safety in the livestock industry, just like in the dairy and meat processing industries, butchers and food preparation. After all, zoonotic infection of animals often occurs while living in stables. As a result, healthy animals cause significantly fewer product recalls caused by salmonella or other infections.

Furthermore, proper hygiene also enables livestock farmers to give their animals better and more pleasant lives, which on its turn leads to better financial results. This creates a unique win-win for all stakeholders. HyCare does not only reduce the use of antibiotics, it improves animal health and welfare in general, while also contributing to improved returns and more job satisfaction.

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Broiler farms

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